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Arlington , TX

Power-skating Clinic

Power-Skating Clinic in Arlington TX starting on January 3rd and finishing January 5th. Every day 2 hours of on-ice practice and 1 hour of off-ice practice.

On-ice practice

9:00 am - 11:00 am,


11:15 am - 12:00 pm. 

Video analysis included.


Cost: $300 per one player.



On-ice training will focus on:

Main focus of on-ice clinic will be on skating technique. Skating is fundamental skill that is important phase of development to become better player. Hockey is complex sport and to become a good player, it requires a big arsenal of skills.  

Balance - It is an important aspect of skating that needs to be learned and understood at a young age to become a great skater.

Stride - Technique that helps to improve speed.

Agility - Adding mobility to the player's skill set to improve their game in tight areas.

Stick control - Focusing on stick placement when skating to improve balance and speed.

Off-ice training will focus on:

- Proper warm up

- Stretching

- Skating Fundamentals

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