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Bending knees

keeping chest up

Staying low-not going up and down

Full stride

Hip rotation 

Ankle rotation

Turn more ankle- push with more surface of blade and finish with toe,

Lift leg up and bring it back all the way back

Skating exercise for stride

-Stick up in both hands at shoulders height, sit low push stride with one foot, alternating, add resistance,

-moving stick forward and back with correct stride.

-jumping over mat side to side, for stronger stride. 

- getting on one knee push stride

-jump side to side.

-standing on one  foot on line and jump on opposite leg and glide. 

-stride in standing position- staynig low with knees bent and chest up. 

Exercise for dry land to improve stride.

-Stability first

--squats, slow squats, wall sits, balance on one foot with bent knee(on uneven surface), standing on on one foot performing coordination drills,

-power of the stride

-- jump side to side, hockey stride jumps,high knee jumps, lunges in all directions, lunges on uneven surface, squats with explosion, long jumps, one leg long jumps.

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