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Sport Exercise
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Chris May - Director of Sports Performance                    Email:                       Phone: (561) 308-7881 


Sound. Smart. Safe. Training that works. Utilizing an individualized approach in a semi private environment, our staff has helped develop elite juniors, Olympians, All-Stars, and Grand Slam winners. Our training “embraces the process” and targets the individual needs of each athlete. Progressing and regressing based on the athletes needs and abilities, not because we are chasing results. Components of our program may include:

● Strength / Power Development

● Speed / Agility Training

● Energy System Development

● Mobility Training

● Flexibility

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Week 1: training

● The first week will be very coaching intensive, during this week the coach will familiarize the athlete with the program template, exercise terminology, and how to properly perform each movement.


● While the athlete will be training in our small groups, it will be more of a 1on1 feel.


● The goal is to get the athlete training in a small group environment, independent with their own program, while being supervised by our staff.

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Training Rates

Semi Private Small Group Training

● Initial Assessment

○ $100 (or through insurance)

● 2x / week

○ $240 / 4 weeks

● 3x / week

○ $300 / 4 weeks

● Unlimited

○ $500 / 4 weeks

● Weekly

○ $175 / week

Private Training (1on1, Semi Private)

● $60 - $125 / hour

Athletic Training

● See B3 Medical for lisT


Day 1: Assessment

● Every athlete who walks through our doors will get assessed and evaluated by our Physical Therapist and Sports Performance Coach. This is how we will develop YOUR program.

● Our athlete evaluation process addresses prior and current injuries to establish a safe training program. In addition, athlete movement patterns will be analyzed and observed for mobility and stability limitations. This will help to identify any deficits that may increase the risk for injury.


● A 1on1 training session will follow with a Sports Performance Coach. The session will be based on the initial assessment and will help the coach gather any additional data they feel is pertinent to the individuals goals. This session will also allow the coach to further test and evaluate any movement deficiencies that occurred as part of the orthopedic assessment

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Recovery & Regeneration

B3 provides full-service Athletic Training and treatments in disciplines from Chiropractic, Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Corrective Exercise Specialists. Here's our offering with the latest in state-of-the-art treatment modalities:

● Interventional Pain Medicine

● Regenerative Medicine

● Chiropractic Care

Injury and Rehab

● Primary Care

● Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy

● Nutrition Counseling

● Massage Therapy

● Neuromuscular Therapy



Chris May - Director of Sports Performance Email:

Phone: (561) 308-7881



5700 Saddlebrook Way,

Wesley Chapel, FL 3354

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