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About Hockey Destiny

Hockey Destiny is a program designed for athletes that value developing fundamental skills through proper body mechanics. Over the years, we have been working on establishing key components in the movement of skating to assist athletes in their performance. The program that we designed works for many athletes, whether you are a beginner, play at a competitive level, or are coming out of an injury.


Junior and college hockey experience


Create community of athletes that achieve their upmost performance level through the quality of movement.

Nils Semjonovs PT, DPT

Co-Founder of Hockey Destiny

13 years of ice hockey coaching experience

Nils Semjononvs profile.jpg

To educate and inspire our athletes in their journey to improve proper body mechanics to reduce risk of injuries and reach their full performance potential.

Latvian National Men's Ice Hockey Team Physical Therapist 2018, 2021

Physical Therapist at B3 Medical 

USA Blind Hockey Team Assistant Coach

Treating and evaluating athletes with injuries

Athlete injury prevention

Dr. Nils Semjonovs grew up in Latvia, and that is where his hockey journey began. Nils’ passion for hockey did not leave him after he stopped playing at a competitive level. He continued to be involved in hockey by working nationwide, providing power skating lessons to organizations and camps like Heartland Hockey Camp and Bob Hartley High Intensity Camp. Nils graduated from Utica University with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. By combining the two assets of coaching and physical therapy, Nils recognized that many athletes are not using their full potential due to a poor foundation in skating and movement.  His experience in physical therapy allows him to analyze and identify key components in the movements necessary for athletes to achieve success in their road to development on the ice. Nils uses motor learning strategies to enhance athletes' growth for long term learning and to create proper development.

Latvia, hockey clinic
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